May 15, 2001
Updated national cholesterol guideline urges early and aggressive treatment
New oral agent approved for chronic myeloid leukemia
Pravastatin treatment yields greater benefits in older patients with CHD
Women’s heart disease awareness sorely lacking
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Lipid-lowering therapy reduces mortality rates after acute coronary syndromes
Watch for potential adverse interaction between warfarin and vaginal miconazole
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Unlocking the secrets of Alzheimer's disease: the nun study (Time)
Did a bipolar trait bring a turn for the verse? (Washington Post)
Women beware women (Guardian)
Review: A Question of Intent (Medscape General Medicine)
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This Week with Simeon Margolis  
Posted May 2
One of the most popular herbal remedies for depression may not even work…A study in JAMA found that patients with major depression responded no better to St. John's wort than to placebo…Troglitazone was pulled from the market just over a year ago because of liver toxicity, but its manufacturer had bittersweet good news last month…A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that troglitazone improved the clinical and laboratory manifestations of polycystic ovary syndrome, which affects about 4% of women of reproductive age…Differentiating leukoplakia from clinically significant cancers can be difficult and a new test may help more >>

Even if I could be Shakespeare I think that I should still choose to be Faraday.
- W Elsasser (Memoirs of a Physicist)
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Our gastroenterologist on New Zealand’s national treasure, sauvignon blanc
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Death is a matter of perspective, says a Nobel Prize-winning poet
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This Perfect World
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Williams' Corner  Death is a matter of perspective, says a Nobel Prize-winning poet
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Excerpt  From Fission
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The Hobbyist  Our gastroenterologist on New Zealand’s national treasure, sauvignon blanc
Fiction  In an Army hospital, a syringe of sodium pentothal unlocks the demons plaguing a B-17 gunner

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